GeekDad vs. ‘Funny Ladies’

July 22, 2011

Header: Wired UK - GameDad

As mentioned previously, I’ve been doing a little bit of guest-blogging over at Wired UK’s GEEK DAD blog.

This time, my post’s about the age-old tradition of geeks supplying ‘tech support’ to family members. You know, removing 391 viruses from a single machine.. or in this case, making a PC a little more ‘kidsafe’ so little Johnny doesn’t learn too much about anatomy at an early age…

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Bit more guestblogging – and a surprise

March 24, 2011

Header: Wired UK - GameDad

It’s funny how one thing can lead to another, on the net.

About a month ago, I spotted an interesting tweet that someone I follow had ‘retweeted’. I followed the tweet back to the writer, to read more of what they had to say. They happened to be a writer for Wired UK, the anglo offshoot of the famous US magazine. And they’d mentioned something called a ‘GeekDad’ blog, which was looking for contributors.

I sent a few emails, wrote some demo posts, and recently had my first GeekDad post published.

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Our Politician Gamer story is front page news

October 18, 2010

Header - Tas Premier story featured on SMH & The Age

Now THIS is a cool surprise.

Last week, Fairfax Media blogger Jason Hill suggested I edit the J-OMG “Politician who Pwns” story into something more suitable for Screen Play’s YOUR TURN segment. I did so, and used a few quotes from David Bartlett that didn’t make it in their original article.

The story was published today on the Fairfax network, and I thought that was it.

Not quite.

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Check out J-OMG’s old gameroom

September 2, 2010

Recently, Aussie game journo Jason Hill posted some fascinating photos of his ‘game setups‘ from 1998-2003 on his Screen Play blog. He then asked people to contribute their own ‘gaming setup’ photos, and I thought I should try sending something a bit different.

If you pop over to yesterday’s Screen Play ‘You show off‘ blogpost, you’ll get to see my arcade gameroom/mancave circa 2008. Yes, there’s my Australian 26″ Neo Geo 6 slot machine; sadly without its lovely ‘mini marquees’ – which are pictured below. You’ll also see my beloved Terminator 2 pinball machine. (Not pictured is my Hankin cocktail/tabletop arcade machine, which I’ll be restoring soon.)

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Guestblogging: Brand Extensions

March 11, 2010

Oh dear. Player 3 (aged 8 months) has his first cold. Very sad little fellow. And sadly – not much sleep for mum & dad. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

Which may be why I forgot to mention yesterday that I’d done a bit more guestblogging on Jason Hill’s Screen Play blog.

The subject was ‘brand extensions’… when a game series try to do something radically different to what they’re known for. Check out my guest blogpost & don’t forget to leave a comment. :-)

If you’ve got a suitable videogame-themed piece to submit, visit the link above, and you could win a Playstation 3 for your efforts.

MORE guestblogging: Opposites attract

February 23, 2010

While I’ve been quietly working on a few ‘long term projects’ for JOMG (which you’ll love) – I’ve also done a bit more guestblogging on Jason Hill’s Screen Play blog.

This time, I’m talking about ‘opposites attract’. What’s that mean in videogames? Check out my guest blogpost today & don’t forget to leave a comment. :-)

Oh, and if you’ve been reading JOMG for a while, and wondered if blogging is for you – Screen Play’s YOUR TURN initiative could be right up your alley.

Just visit the link above, submit a suitable blogpost, and (a) You could be published on the Fairfax blog network around Australia with (b) The chance to win a Playstation 3 for your efforts.

Guestblogging today: How embarrassment!

February 16, 2010

Once again, I’m doing some guestblogging today over at Jason Hill’s Screen Play blog. I do this now & then, with any piece that’s more “general videogames” rather than the retro/indie/coinop stuff you expect, here on JOMG.

This time around, I’ve charted the history of ‘videogame coolness’.

  • Are games still for nerds?
  • Or have we passed that?
  • If so, when did it happen?

Join the debate at How Embarrassment!

Guestblogging today: Avin’ a go at Avatar

February 4, 2010

Sorry for the brief break in transmission.
Life just got hectic for a bit, but to make it up to you, I’ve got a *great* surprise coming up for you this weekend!

In the meantime, I’m doing some guestblogging today over at Jason Hill’s Screen Play blog. It’s a timely piece, concerning a certain film with blue people in it. (Sadly, no Smurfette)

Jason’s called it a ‘rant’ – you be the judge! (Rant? You shoulda seen the 1st draft! Enough to strip paint off the walls!)

If you missed my earlier Screen Play guestpieces, here’s one from April last year, and one from March 2008.


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