Retro Remakes Compo 2008… my Dirty Dozen Downloads.

Retro remakes are to videogames, what cover versions are to classic songs.

Sometimes they can take you on an interesting tangent to the orginal. Sometimes they can add things that were sorely lacking. And sometimes – they’re just crap.

The best website I’ve found for retro remakes is RetroRemakes dot com. The main focus is the forums (rather than the news page) where you’ll find lots of very helpful people, and a few bods who are a little bit obsessed with Dr Who.

Once every 2 years(ish) the people behind RR decide to hold a Remakes competition. There are a variety of categories to enter, and always some VERY cool prizes to win. And when I say cool, I mean “lustworthy gaming hardware”.

RetroRemakes 2008 Compo has just finished, and the downloads are ready to be played, whilst the judges do their bit. There’s around 50 entries, and I thought I’d show you a dozen entries caught my eye. (NB: I haven’t played any yet… watch out for my “entries to watch” in coming weeks…)

(NB: The download link follows the previews, at the bottom of this post)

Entries that made me laugh

Blast Passage - Marcus Persson

One of the categories in this years compo that really got me excited was “mashups”. I love my music mashups, and had high hopes for the RR equivalent. This game = Gauntlet mashed with Bomberman. Drop bombs to kill dozens of ghosts? Yes please.

Paulines Way - Harold

Pauline's Way - Harold

Best. Game plot. Ever.
“We all know that Pauline was kidnapped by Donkey Kong and then saved by Mario. While Mario is busy guarding the big ape Pauline goes out to kill some rats.”

Entries that will attract attention

The Empire Strikes Back - Minionsoft

The Empire Strikes Back - Minionsoft

Last compo, Minion turned some heads with his excellent remake of the original Star Wars coinop. Now he’s back with a remake of the sequel. Expect this entry to attract a LOT of downloads.

Super Mario Kart - Grindalf

Super Mario Kart - Grindalf

Another entry likely to be causing serious bandwidth use – is this one. Plenty of gamers who’ve never played a remake before, will be curious to see how this plays.

Entries I can’t wait to sink my teeth into

Raid on Fort Apocalypse - bignobody

Raid on Fort Apocalypse - bignobody

I loved/hated (depending on how many times I was dying) the original C64 game. Even though I’m not sure of the “look” of this remake, I’m hoping the gameplay is a bit “friendlier” this time around.

Kiwis Tall Tale - Earok

Kiwis Tall Tale - Earok

I’m a massive fan of Taito’s “cute-em-ups” like Bubble Bobble & New Zealand Story. So an unofficial sequel to the latter, gets me all excited.

Games by the Gurus

Ultimate Bruce Lee - StuC, Smila, Ovine

Ultimate Bruce Lee - StuC, Smila, Ovine

These guys are veterans of the retro-remaking scene, and Smila’s love for the C64 is well documented. This is going to look amazing, but will it be more playable than Mark Rosten’s 2002 Blitz Basic remake?

CPC - Carnivac

CPC - Carnivac

Carnivac is a very talented pixel artist. He’s very skilled at creating graphics that perfectly match the “look” of each 8 bit computer/console. Now, we get to see how they play.

Games that have me Intrigued

Parralax - Endurion

Parralax - Endurion

Another C64 classic, but remade in 3D. Will it be “good” like the 2001 Activision Battlezone remake? Or a bit like Worms 3D? We’ll see…

Shoot Em Up Construction Kit - Kungphoo

Shoot Em Up Construction Kit - Kungphoo

Well, this is the one entry, where if you think the gameplay’s crap – it’s all YOUR fault. Will be quite interesting to see how easy to use/playable this is.

Games from left field

As Time Goes By - Lobo

As Time Goes By - Lobo

Wow. Imagine the tie-in game, if Casablanca had been released in 1990. Can’t wait to see how this plays. And I *love* the title screen. Class.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Lobo

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Lobo

And from the same author, comes this one. Erm. OK. Well, if it was good enough for me to listen to, as I terrorised Vice City, then it must deserve it’s own game. I think.

So, where can I download excellent-looking remakes like those?

EDIT: Unfortunately, the RR site was hacked recently, so their download page is gone.
BUT – I’ve collated all the “off site author links” I could find, and put them all in one convenient page here.

So – which entries caught your eye?

Love to hear about ’em in the comments.

7 Responses to Retro Remakes Compo 2008… my Dirty Dozen Downloads.

  1. bignobody says:

    Feel free to grab Raid On Fort Apocalypse directly from my site to save RR’s bandwidth:

    Friendlier gameplay? You expect the Kralthan Empire to play friendly? Maybe you should go find a nice match-3 instead 😉

    [JOMG: Hehe, a challenge? Well, we’ll see about that]

    A few tips:

    – Don’t get too close to explosions: they will damage your chopper.
    – Land on any platform to repair.
    – Flying too fast is suicidal 🙂

  2. MikeB says:

    Man… some great looking stuff there. Can’t wait to try Empire, Fort Apocalypse and the Bruce Lee remakes. And the Pauline thing 🙂

  3. battlecityzone says:

    Super Mario Kart remake looks awesome

  4. EtepAstetly says:

    Maaaan, you know there is such thing in the web like search engine, if you don’t, go there to understand why this post is bullshit

    • justonemoregame says:

      My “dirty dozen downloads” was an opinion piece.
      Google is a search engine.
      According to your logic, “a man with a banana will never need a stapler“.

  5. gnome says:

    Actually such comments only show the sad state some human minds can deteriorate to.

  6. all games for kids…

    I have been searching for this all over the net! The download link is broken… please reup!…

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