Wun Hundreh Milyon Dolleurs!!!

So, why’s Kylie Minogue’s ex-boyfriend on J-OMG?
…didn’t you see that SWAT film?

(Don’t worry – it all makes sense after the jump.)

Now, the REASON for this post, is that last week in Australia, shoppers spent Wun Hundreh Milyon… AHEM.. 100 million dollars on videogames. Wow!

I’ve done a breakdown, and the $100M consisted of roughly:

  • Wii Fit = $67 mil
  • Awful Mario/Sonic game for well-meaning relatives = $21 mil
  • Next-gen console sequels with muscular blokes = $11 mil
  • PC games with DRM to punish honest gamers = $1 mil
  • Losses due to piracy = -578 million galactic credits*.

*Well, it’s no more fanciful than the usual figures quoted.

Seriously… Kudos to Jason Hill for breaking the news, but no kudos to GfK who supplied the stats. You see, I’d *like* to link to the relevent press release or stats page, but I can’t. After 3 confusing layers of clicks from their front page, all I got was:

“Under Construction”. It’s French for “Epic Fail”.


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