Last-minute Indie/Retro bargains

It used to be that Valve’s Steam software was only for gamers who played First Person Shooters like Half Life 2.

Now, it’s become a great* way to buy games, and not just recent titles. (*No I don’t get commission. Drats.)

There’s just 24 hours left now in Steam’s “New Years Sale”.

I’ve gone through hundreds of specials for you, to find the BEST retro & indie offers. No piddly “10% off” deals in the JOMG list!
(It’s all in US$ & I’ve rounded everthing up 1c to the nearest dollar, for simplicity.)

Click on this link to see the list!

Best Retro Game specials

Ultimate Doom – normally $10, now $1.

Doom 2 – normally $10, now $1.

iD Super Pack – normally $70 – now $35
(includes everything in the Wolfenstien/Doom/Quake/Hexen series)

Best Indie Gaming specials

Portal – normally $20 – now $5

Audio Surf – normally $10 – now $5

Darwinia – normally $10 – now $5

World of Goo – normally $20 – now $15

Aquaria – normally $20 – now $16

And one wacky one:

Penguins Arena – normally $15, now $7.50.
Haven’t played it – but looks fun.

These deals end January 2nd – so click on the game names above to save – now!

If you haven’t already downloaded “Steam”, do so now here.

Then you can buy the titles on special, download them & play.


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