First my mum, now my sister-in-law…

When I launched this videogame blog, I had no idea the women in my life would feature so prominently!

First there was my mum & sister, with their excellent retrogaming Christmas present.

Then – on the same day (just after our Christmas lunch), my sister-in-law asked if I wanted “to see her old Frogger game”. Well, of course!

Click on the link below to continue…

It was a Gakken/LSI tabletop unit. They came out in 1983, and were powered by 4 C betteries. As you can see in the photo above, it has a nice “sunvisor” so it’s playable outdoors. Sadly, on this game, the left hand side has been damaged.

Zooming into the screen area, you can see helpful explanation text on either side of the screen.

And looking down to the controls, you can see it has quite a good scaled-down joystick for controlling your frog.

On the back of the visor is a nice sticker…

And on the bottom of the unit, a sticker with gameplay instructions. Note the Konami logo, which shows it was actually licensed – not a clone!

Here’s a screenshot of the game in action…

And yes – the game worked perfectly!
Here’s a Youtube clip.

Now, if you’re after one of these, there’s a used one on ePay (Australia) right now.
OR – if you’re made of money – there’s a NOS one (New Old Stock – ie been hidden away & never sold) on ePay (UK) for around AU$300!

If you’d like to see more Gakken home games, this site has over 70 of them!


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