A Sliding-Puzzle For Helen

I was going to update my “Stop Hammer time – Retro remakes downloads” post, but I thought this game deserved a post of it’s own.

A Sliding Puzzle for Helen is one of the entries in the “Games for Helen” category in the RR 2008 competition.

This category was set up to create games usable by people with severe disabilities. (ie – they control the game using an “eyeball tracker”.) This news report explains it better than I can…

Great stuff eh?

A Sliding Puzzle for Helen is based on those cheap plastic sliding puzzles we all got in a Christmas stocking many years ago.

3 clever things:

1. Entire game controllable using only your spacebar.
2. You can put any 640×480 pictures in, to use as puzzles.
3. “Caff” coded the whole thing in 1 day.

So, have a go of his game, and if that news story moved you just a little bit, please click on this link – and send them a few dollars.

SITE POLICY: I won’t mention any charity stuff on J-OMG unless I’ve already contributed myself… and I did so last week. 🙂


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