Oh you really are an A$$HAT. Whoever you are.

Sorry for the headline, but some little @#$%@#%# has been hacking forums on the net.

Not big forums with 57 technicians and a huge IT budget. Hobbyist forums like Retro Remakes which just manage to keep going each week without extra un-needed expenses.

This isn’t some trivial matter. The sites affected are all going to have to do serious work (which costs money) to get back up again. The forums won’t be up again for days, maybe a week.

Yeah, I know, the chances of the A$$HAT hacker reading this aren’t much. But maybe, if we all clap our hands together, in tiny fairy claps… THEY’LL WALK UNDER A BUS.

EDIT: I originally thought that Aussie Arcade was one of the affected sites. They were not.

(They suddenly disappeared – at around the same time as Retro Remakes – with a short error message that looked very similar to the one on RR) It turns out that their recent hosting issues finally came to a head, and a source tells me that she “should be back up again this Friday”.)

One Response to Oh you really are an A$$HAT. Whoever you are.

  1. gnome says:

    Infuriating. Oh, and according to a web developing mate, my blog seems to not actually have that problem we discussed…


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