Broooom! Broooom! Sega Rally 3 in Australia

I visited Galaxy World in George Street this weekend. Saw the new Rambo arcade machine. (More on that in a future post). Walked past rows of Tekken 6 machines, even saw a Street Fighter 4!

And then… I spotted it. A GIANT four-player Sega Rally 3. Wow. I’m not a massive racing fan, but this looked too nice to ignore.

Will you look at THAT! When Sega call these “deluxe” cabinets, it’s not just some marketing phrase. These are the kind of giant, crowd-pleasing cabs that call other machines “girly men”. Look at the headlights on the top! Now that’s attention to detail.

Oh, and here’s a TIP: the photos look MUCH nicer when you CLICK on them. (Zoom in for the luscious details!)

For those who want the “specs”… here you go…

The DX cabinet has a 62 inch DLP screen running at high definition 720p resolution, and a dual actuator motion system designed specifically for Sega Rally 3. Cabinets can be linked, with up to 6 players able to race against each other. There are a variety of modes available, including a Classic Mode where you can race on the Desert 95 course, which has been remodeled in High Definition. (Thanks Highway Games)

So, how does Sega Rally 3 play? Other (more SR experienced) bloggers will tell you about how it compares to the earlier games. But I’ll give you the perspective of someone who just wants to sit down & have fun.

It rocks!

For years, people have looked for “another Daytona“, and if this game turned up in enough locations, it would be the one. Remember the excitement you felt when you first spotted Outrun2? Well here we go again.

It’s like entering a parallel universe, where Sega is still making big, exciting games in giant cabinets. One where arcades are still plentiful, filled with all sorts of games (not just “shooters ‘n’ drivers”) and each one has just a small corner reserved for redemption games. Maybe (if you’re a real Sega fan) it’s the same universe where you’ll find a Dreamcast 3 in every second home.

I mentioned Outrun2 earlier – and it’s worth mentioning that recent coin-op classic again in this review. It simply did things right. It updated the graphics, it added extra features, but most of all, it put FUN at the top of the shopping list.

Sega Rally 3 again follows this template. It’s handling and sound are fantastic. But the things that I really loved – were the track design & graphics. The tracks are stunning. I thought it would be hard to better the tracks on Outrun2, but they’ve done it. And as you may have heard – they’ve included a “2008 remix” of the original “Desert 95” track from Sega Rally.

Then there’s the cars themselves. They look truly lustworthy – and I’m not a “petrolhead” by any means. They move, feel & look incredible. As usual with Sega, it’s the little details that really impress. If you’re overtaken on mud or snow, the surface specks flick up realistically… sticking to the rear bumper of the cars in front.

Sega Rally 3 continues the great arcade tradition of “cool stuff in the distance”. One track (“tropical”) features a space shuttle roaring into the sky as you go past. Another has a giant dam to cross, with gushing spillways, and as you begin your final lap, a 747 glides in above you, as it begins it’s landing approach.

By now, you’ve probably seen enough still shots, and you’re itching for some gameplay footage. Before you start looking…. there’s a bit on Youtube, but it’s mostly shakeycam/lowres stuff. Instead, have a look at the official trailer below. BUT make sure you click TWICE on it, so it opens the proper Youtube page & you can click on “high quality”.

It really does look nice in high quality – so don’t forget to enable it! 🙂

Finally, here’s the Sega Rally 3 flyer. If you’re not aware, flyers are the “promo booklets” given to arcade owners to promote new titles. SR3’s flyer includes a few shots of the cars, along with photos of both the Deluxe & Standard cabinets.

So – where else can you play Sega Rally 3 downunder?

Right now, I know of two other arcades who’ll have it “soon”. One is Timezone at Knox in Melbourne. The other is just metres from GW – yes, my contacts tell me Timezone in George Street will also have it’s own SR3 “twin racer” soon.

EDIT: There are also Twin “Standard” cabs at Replay/Timezone in Brisbane, and Funtasia on the Gold Coast. (Thanks ServiceIT & Dr Teeth @ Aussie Arcade)

If you hear of any others in Australia – please leave me a note in the comments section!

3 Responses to Broooom! Broooom! Sega Rally 3 in Australia

  1. gnome says:

    Absolutely amazing. And a mere 12 hours after I discovered what can possibly be the only surviving arcade venue in Greece…

  2. gnome says:

    Well, that does sound like an intriguing idea, but it will have to wait until I visit the place again though…

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