My Retro Gamer website reviews

Retro Gamer is the world’s only magazine dedicated to old-school videogames. In August last year, they launched a new (much more interactive) website, including a user review section (Cryptically titled “Retrobates”).

At this stage, I’ve written about a dozen reviews. They cover a mixture of arcade games, ranging from the most famous, to the somewhat obscure. The well-known games are the hardest to review. It’s really tough to approach the game in a different way to anything you’ve read before.

But I think I’ve managed to write some fairly interesting content. One of my reviews (Outrun) was nominated “Game of the Week” a few months ago, which was nice.

You can click on any of these screenshots, to jump to the corresponding review.

Each review has a comment section.
(You’ll just need to do a quick registration with RG’s website… don’t worry, they don’t spam.)

Love to hear your thoughts! Did I surprise/inspire/bore you?

Oh, and if you find any other reviews on the RG website that you think are particularly well written (even if you wrote ’em) feel free to leave a link below. 🙂

3 Responses to My Retro Gamer website reviews

  1. gnome says:

    Ah, that was lovely. An excellent selection of reviews. So guess happily surprised is the correct answer, though a bit inspired to add some more reviews of mine too.

    BTW, any news on the situation of the Retro Remakes and Mersey Remakes sites?

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