Awise from your Gwave – More 2008 Remakes links

Awise from your Gwave - Retro Remakes is back

Despite a recent destructive hack, the Retro Remakes site is back, much to the joy of retro game players (& makers). The forum has returned at a slightly different address, but sadly at this stage, the 2008 RR Competition downloads are not available.

Don’t worry; I’ve updated all my links to (off-site download) games, and added a few more, so you can catch up on your post-festive season gaming

OK, here we go…

21st Century Frog - Endurion As Time Goes By - Lobo Battlezone - Genki
21st Century Frog 
As Time Goes By 
Devil Ronin - The Codex The Lost Island - Park Production Electro Freddie - Musti
Devil Ronin 
The Codex
Dizzy The Lost Island 
Electro Freddie 

Retro Remakes is a not-for-profit site… which is why the recent destructive site hack is even more annoying. If you think having access to FIFTY free retro remakes is worth a couple of bucks, please consider making a donation at their site, once things are operational again. 🙂


LordsOfConquest - KaiserPC Parallax - Endurion Battlezone - Genki
Lords Of Conquest 
Raid On Fort Apocalypse 
Retro Boxing 3D - Gman SEUCK - KungPhoo Sewer Shark - Park Productions
Retro Boxing 3D 
Sewer Shark 
Park Productions

Oh, and a quick look at the sponsors websites would be good. After all, their donated prizes encouraged the remake writers to even greater work! Cool T-shirts, Hardware, Software… it’s all here…

RR 2008 Compo Sponsors

80’s Tee’s
| Acekard | Addictive247 | Axialis | Castle Software | Charlies Games | Clickteam | Cosmigo | Delgine | Gamesocks | GLBasic | Hal Spacejock | Kobalt Computers | Leandro Correia | Midnight Synergy | Milkshape | Mumbo Jumbo | One Switch | Pandora | Raptisoft | The Game Creators | WalkerITC | XGamestation | Zombie Cow


Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Lobo Sorcerer Lord - KaiserPC Spare a Thought For The Little Guy - SaulC
Sigue Sigue Sputnik 
Sorcerer Lord 
Spare a Thought… 
Sports Daze - Rich J Empire Strikes Back - Minionsoft The Factory - Hockings
Sports Daze 
Rich J
Empire Strikes Back 
The Factory 

Have you played any of the remakes on this page? Which one(s)?  
What did they do well? What could be improved?
Love to read your thoughts in the “comments” below…


Ultimate Bruce Lee - StuC Smila & Ovine Whack A Monty Mole - StuC Smila & Ovine Kickle C - Xcept
Ultimate Bruce Lee 
Whack A Monty Mole 
*Kickle C 
Zector - Sokurah Space Fury - Sokurah Dingo - Sokurah
*Space Fury 

NB: Games marked with an “*” were most recently added
– happy gaming!


*Bandits at 3 o’clock 


I’ll keep you up to date in coming weeks with all the news on the Retro Remakes 2008 Compo.

3 Responses to Awise from your Gwave – More 2008 Remakes links

  1. […] I have compiled all the “off site” links I could find (for each remake author) and put them on one blogpost. So there you go. Sorry if you’ve already “moved on”. (Thought it might be of […]

  2. […] Awise from your Gwave – More 2008 Remakes links « Just One More Game Good list of downloads for remade versions of classic games. Would be good to check out, and maybe even use with MAME control stick setup (should make control box, if not whole machine). (tags: games online maker arcade) […]

  3. Frasco says:

    This is super. Nice work!

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