Retro Remakes – Category 1 winner is…

Well here it is – the first of SIX category winners.
(AND – the downloads are back, so all you people hoping to download “Empire Strikes Back” – for example – can finally do so)

Category 1 is the pure “Retro Remakes” category. In the words of the judges “Bring a classic game up to speed on modern hardware”.

There were 21 entries, and the top 3 were:

In 3rd place…

BlockmaniaDS - Kukulcan

BlockmaniaDS - Kukulcan

This year, entries could run on either Windows PCs – or, for the first time – a Nintendo DS. Kukulcan has remade the TAITO arcade puzzle game Puzznic, and earnt himself 3rd place.

In 2nd place…

Ultimate Bruce Lee - StuC, Smila, Ovine

Ultimate Bruce Lee - StuC, Smila, Ovine

These guys are veterans of the retro-remaking scene, and Smila’s love for the C64 is well documented. Ultimate Bruce Lee features heaps of unlockables & you really need to play it.

And… the winner is…

The Empire Strikes Back - Minionsoft

The Empire Strikes Back - Minionsoft

Last compo, Minion turned some heads with his excellent remake of the original Star Wars coinop. Now he’s back with a remake of the sequel. It’s very, very well done, and has quite deservedly taken out category 1.

Minion wins a big swag of goodies, including a Pandora console.

Oh, you wanted to download the winning entries?
This page leads to the links.

Here at J-OMG, we’ll keep you up to date with more RR compo happenings throughout February.


2 Responses to Retro Remakes – Category 1 winner is…

  1. Dez R says:

    Thanks for the info

  2. Thank you!! [re: updating her on ESB’s availability -JOMG]

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