Dammit! Tell me where the extra ball is… NOW!

My wife & I are big fans of 24, so we’re excited to see that pinball-maker Stern’s new machine is based on the show.

So far, all we’ve got is this photo of the machine, and a fairly detailed press release.

24 Pinball - click to zoom in

24 Pinball - click to zoom in

The game’s been designed by Steve Richie (who also designed the pinball machine I have at home – hey, remind me to blog my gamesroom guys!) It features TV samples from Jack, and custom speech by Chloe.

Of course, these two facts were enough for Teh Inernetz to start grumbling. (“What, couldn’t they afford Kiefer? Didn’t he want to do it? Why did I eat my crayons at school?“) Of course, anyone who’s played a few adversarial pinball games AND watched 24 knows that “Chloe as the main voice” is the only way to go.

In this sort of game – you ARE “Jack”. And what happens in the show? Chloe’s the one in constant communication with Jack – updating him on the mission, sending him information & doing epic sulks™ at her superiors. (Not sure how one of those will work in pinball, but we’ll see)

24 Pinball - backglass

24 Pinball - backglass

Anyway, back to the facts. Awesome UK-based site Pinball News was one of the first sites with the news, and information on some of the gameplay. They’ll be updating that link in coming weeks with much more details, including a very lengthy review of the game.

In the meantime, we know that 24 Pinball will feature:

  • A Suitcase that holds and releases pinballs for multi-ball play.
  • Jack’s daughter tripping over a blade of grass, necessitating rescue.
  • A Sniper House that opens to reveal a bullet-spraying terrorist.
  • DAMMIT™ Mode – (Hit the pop bumpers so Jack says…)
  • An exploding Safe House. (Similar to Medieval Madness’ castle?)
  • Intercoms that go “Bup Bup BEEEEOooohh”.
  • Several single Sniper Drop Targets. (like those in Cactus Canyon?)
  • Half the West Wing White House in the 24 White House.
  • Lots of multi-ball action.

OK, some of those weren’t on the press release.

Pinball maker Gary Stern says, “24 is the hottest show on television right now…” which (after the recent release of CSI pinball) shows that he’s watching TV 5 years in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but it should have been “pinballed” years ago.

24 Pinball should be appearing in northern hemisphere locations in the next month, and “downunder” in the next 2 months. Can’t wait to try it out.

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