Retro Remakes – Category 3 winner is…

Well here it is – the 3rd of SIX category winners.

Category 3 is “Sequels that weren’t”.

Entrants were challenged to write a sequel to a retro videogame.

Simple concept. Hard to do well. After all, with a remake, you merely duplicate someone’s work & improve on the execution. With a sequel, you need to duplicate their work, and extrapolate/improve on the design. That – is a challenge.

There were 5 entries…

And the winner is…

Kung Fu 2 - Gary Gasko

Kung Fu 2 - Gary Gasko

Thoughts from the judges?

  • Ian said “Now this is more like it – more chock-socky action than Jackie Chan could shake a nun-chuck at.
  • Geekay said “It’s been coded to perfection with someone that has a true passion for continuing his favourite game.
  • OogyBoogy added “From the very start, I forgot I was playing a remake rather than an arcade game.
  • And Spray noted “The original KFM graphics are superbly recreated and the audio, both music and effects, fit in incredibly well.

Gary Gasko wins a big swag of goodies, including an XGS Game Console Starter Kit, some indie games AND a tonne of fantastic gamemaking software.

Oh, you wanted to download the winning entries?
This page leads to the “category 3” links.

Here at J-OMG, we’ll keep you up to date with more RR compo happenings as they happen.


2 Responses to Retro Remakes – Category 3 winner is…

  1. gnome says:

    I concur.

    Not that anyone asked, but still.

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