Ultrasound reveals… “player 3” is…

…a baby!

Yes – we found out at yesterday’s scan (20 weeks) what we’re having, but we’re keeping it to ourselves. (Gotta create your own fun.)

Speaking of babies… I think these “Blik Invaders” wall decals would be PERFECT for Player 3’s room…
They’re nice, simple, colourful shapes…

Well… they’re more interesting than teddy bears.

Hmm… not sure Mrs_Staypuft will be convinced though.
I’ll have to work on that.

More info: Blik Invaders order page.

*PS: Yes, that’s really our baby (Player 3) at the top of the post. It’s from the 12 week scan.

2 Responses to Ultrasound reveals… “player 3” is…

  1. Myf says:

    Sneaky – very sneaky. Those invaders would be über cool for the walls. But then, I don’t have to live with them.

  2. gnome says:

    Ah! Enjoy the company of the new player then! They tend be simultaneously highly rewarding/highly frustrating, or so I hear.

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