First look: ASCIIpOrtal

Yes yes, we know about the flash/2D version of Portal.

But here’s something even more creative. An ASCII* version of Portal.
(ASCII = the very basic character graphics on a PC)

Type-in game enthusiast Cymon is the man responsible, and you can track progress of ASCIIpOrtal via (link removed – no longer available) at Retro Remakes.

It’s “early days” yet, but he has uploaded a small proof-of-concept.

Now, have a look another peek at that screenshot.
Will you ever look the same way at inverse heart characters again? 🙂

7 Responses to First look: ASCIIpOrtal

  1. gnome says:

    I’ve seen the proof and love the concept.

  2. Joe Larson says:

    Oh, thanks. I wish I could show you what the portal mechanics will look like. That will be coming.

    Yeah, the inverse heart was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself.

    Unfortunately this project is on the back burner somewhat, but it’s not abandoned. I totally want to get this one out there. I’ve just had some rather large fish-to-fry land on my plate. I’m confident I’ll have it done well before valve finished HL2:ep3. Probably. Failing that I’ll have this ready for the release of Portal 2. Or not. Either way, I’m positive I’ll beat Duke Nukem out the door.

  3. Joe Larson says:

    Oh, I will definitely try, tho the best way to keep up to date will probably be just keep checking my forum.

    • justonemoregame says:

      “You heard it here first.”

      Thanks Joe!
      J-OMG may not have the budget of ‘the big players’ but you never know when we might drop another exclusive in your lap. 🙂

      PS: Wow – that video really blew me away. Nice work.

  4. […] Gabe McGrath saw ASCIIpOrtal coming before anyone else did. Now he’s making his own game and he’s got just as much to show […]

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