Anyone for a “New in Box” Robotron cocktail/table game?

  1. Robotron is a very popular early 80’s arcade videogame.
  2. The cocktail (table) version is very desirable.
  3. One in good condition would be even more desirable.
  4. One that’s “New in Box” would be off the charts.

Of course, finding a “new in box” arcade game from 27 years ago would be impossible… wouldn’t it…?

Think again!

Here is an feePay listing for TWO New In Box Robotron cocktail (table) arcade games. Yes – it’s a CURRENT auction. Oh, and it’s in the UK.

How can this be?

Some time in the mid 90’s, someone discovered a SEVEN floor warehouse in Canada that hadn’t been opened since about 1982. Inside… was the motherlode of arcade machines – many still in their original boxes. This building was dubbed the “Time Travel Warehouse” – and the machines were subsequently sold to collectors around the world.

This pair of Robotron NIB cocktails comes from that collection.

Now, how’d you like to see the MASSIVE list of games originally found in the “Time Travel Warehouse”?
(Click this link – and prepare for ‘operation jawdrop’.)

Note: feePay auction originally spotted in Way of the Rodent forum’s “arcade games thread“.

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