Classic arcade “wall decals”… with a twist!

Yep – posts at J-OMG are like buses.
Wait ages for one, then TWO arrive together! 😀

Now, you’ve probably seen “wall decals” depicting classic arcade characters before.
Mario, Pacman, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders…

But today we have one with a slight twist…

Yes I know – it looks like most other wall decal setups.
(Except in this case that it’s one BIG sticker, rather than a series of small ones.)

Oh, and there’s some pretty obvious photoshopping to reduce the sticker/wall contrast…

But that’s not the difference that matters.

This time, the ePay seller is also offering to make you CUSTOM decals!!
They’ve gotta be in black, but we can all think up SOMETHING…


  • The “cockpit view” from Star Wars arcade?
  • Bub n Bob from Bubble Bobble?
  • Characters from Mr Do?
  • ….?

Here’s the ePay auction link.

NB: As always – I can’t vouch for the seller.
Could be a saint, could be a sinner. I don’t know.

Credit: ExtraBall at Aussie Arcade.

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