Quick update

Sorry for the quiet period recently at J-OMG.

I’ve been busy working on some exciting “long term” J-OMG plans.

This includes…

  • A massive “retro remaker” interview
  • A game project I’ll be developing/blogging right here on J-OMG
  • A few “big features”
  • A sequel to “BackGames” (the original will be hard to beat, it peaked at 70x our normal daily traffic!)
  • And… today I was interviewed by an Aussie IT journos website.

In the meantime, here’s a few cool links I’d love to share with you:

Virgin America’s new plane has Doom playable in your seat.
Offworld has the video. Sadly, the game appears to “chug” at a very low framerate. (Methinks it will “hurty eyes very muchly” after a while.)

Twitter has been mentioned a lot in the media recently.
If you haven’t joined already – here’s a quick explanation.

Twitter is like the “status” line in Facebook.
But you don’t have all the extra rubbish like “vampire applications”, “quizzes” etc. Instead of “friends” – you can “follow” someone & receive their news, and they can choose whether to “follow” you.

What this means, is that Twitter is all about what you want to hear about, and you’ll never see anything that you can’t avoid.

Here are a few of my favourite Twitter users:
@CletusClay, @Rogue_Traders, @rockpapershot & @reverttosaved.

And if you’d like to hear what I’m up to via Twitter, just visit this page and ‘follow’ me.

Recently, Arcade Heroes has been following the progress of Get Outta My Face… one of the world’s first “indie” coin-op games.
Sure – it’s hard enough to make a game on your PC.
But what about a full coin-operated machine – that convinces players to part with their coins?
Here’s a quick update, with a link to the makers Snow Runner Productions.

And while the GDC conference is happening in the USA, Offworld has plenty more awesome coverage, in particular 2DBoy’s (World of Goo) top 10 ways to market your Indie game & then they explain the “hard facts” of how they tried to negotiate a bit of profit on their work.

So – what have YOU been playing recently…?

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