You scratch my Pac… I scratch yours.

When Pacman was released in the early 80’s, there was a tonne of merchandise, both official & unofficial. T-shirts, lunchboxes, a hit song…

And after a few years, it all disappeared.

It wasn’t until about 2000, when MAME got people playing old games again on their PC, that “Pacman Fever” started infecting pop culture again.

Today we have the latest appearance by Pacman…
This time… in just one Australian state… you can buy your own…

…”Pacman Scratchie”!

Sure, I’m not into “scratch card” gambling.
But how cute is that?

At least (for the true fans among us) they bothered to use the proper Pacman font. Respect!

They’re available from newsagents in Queensland, Australia.

Credit: Thanks beas1973 @ Aussie Arcade.

2 Responses to You scratch my Pac… I scratch yours.

  1. gnome says:

    Actually ,that’s both cute and terrifying.

  2. ShazamBangles says:

    Funny one. Coincidentally when the first Pac Man was created it was titled “Puck Man”. Games manufacturers thought that vandals would scratch off part of the “P” and create “*uck Man”, so they changed the name. Just think of all that swear word fun gone a-wasting.

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