A true videogame legend leaves the stage…

If Shigeru Miyamoto is gaming’s equivalent of Walt Disney, then Yu Suzuki is surely gaming’s Jerry Bruckheimer.

He was responsible for those big, loud fun Sega hits in the arcade in the 1980s, like AfterBurner II and Out Run. In the following decades, he continued his run of hit games, including the Virtua Fighter series.

Suzuki-san’s early games were all about “feeling the wind in your hair”. From flying (Space Harrier, After Burner II) to driving (Hang On, Out Run), you felt the need.. for speed.

And his 1980’s arcade “cabinets” helped this feeling. Out Run’s deluxe cabinet shook you as you raced along the highways, and the most luxurious version of After Burner II rocked ‘n’ rolled you as you flew your F14.

By the 90’s Yu Suzuki started moving away from driving games, into other genres. Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop & Shenmue were all important titles in the “Fighter”, “Lightgun” and “Adventure” genres.

But this week, it was announced he’s stepping down from his role as Sega’s R&D creative officer.

You can read some great personal insights from Suzuki-San, in this fascinating interview (with Will Wright) from 2002.

Suzuki’s games have brought gamers great joy over three decades.
Suzuki-San.. JustOneMoreGame salutes you.

Credit: Thanks Elvis @ Aussie Arcade for the heads up.

One Response to A true videogame legend leaves the stage…

  1. gnome says:

    Hmmm… that might not be bad news after all. Perhaps he’ll go on and pursue something more creative in modern design outside the now-bland walls of Sega?

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