Guest blogging today at Screen Play

I’m guest blogging “somewhere else” today, but before I send you to that site… a quick explanation.

12 months ago, I was angry.

Why was I angry?

A group of Australian Attorneys General* were gathering, and there was a feeling that videogames were again going to be denied an equal footing with other media in this country. (*Thankyou, year 12 politics @ Emmaus College, Melbourne!)

I’ve been a Crikey subscriber for years. Knowing that politicians read the newsletter, I wrote a very feisty piece & sent it to the editor. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline. With the politicians’ meeting just 48 hours away, I decided to try sending my piece to the Fairfax newspapers’ Screen Play blog.

Screen Play writer Jason Hill didn’t mind that I’d already submitted the text to Crikey, and he published my article the next day, as part of a “reader contributions” initiative, called Your Turn.

Four weeks later, I was blown away when told my piece had taken out the monthly award, in the form of a Playstation 3! That was amazing. And it encouraged me to try some more freelance writing. Seven months later, I took another step, starting my own blog… JustOneMoreGame.

Now, one year on, I thought should send another piece to Screen Play.

I considered revisiting the R18+ games theme… but there have been many words on the subject since my contribution. There have also been many more fantastic/touching/inspiring “Your Turn” submissions. I needed something new to say.

I looked around. And found… a story to tell.

Today, that story appears on Screen Play. Hope you like it. 🙂

When you come back here tomorrow (to JustOneMoreGame), you’ll find an even meatier interview with today’s “guest star” including his other game remakes, tips for new remakers & a vague hint about his next project…

Lastly, to any “Screenies” reading this, can you please give the Screen Play wikipedia page some lovin’ ? It needs some 3rd party citations, updates, etc…


2 Responses to Guest blogging today at Screen Play

  1. Jason Hill says:

    Hi Gabe,

    Many thanks for your valuable contribution to Screen Play over the past year. I’m very pleased to have played a small role in helping to showcase your talent, and am looking forward to the development of your blog.

    • justonemoregame says:

      Thanks very much Jason. I hope to buy you (insert appropriate drink) some time when I’m in Melbourne. Or… you can thrash me on some classic game in a Chinatown arcade.

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