Paperworld’s got me flat-out excited

May 29, 2009

PaperWorld is a recent entry in the 2009 Swedish Game Awards.

Sure, it’s not the first “paper/2D in 3D game” but it looks really charming. And – it’s not a platform game, or an RPG. It’s a simulation. Anyway, I think it looks fantastic. Can’t wait to have a little play on it, when the game is done.

What’s that, you haven’t seen it moving yet?
Here’s the youtube clip…

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Expo wrapup – Michael Shalhoub in the hot seat

May 28, 2009

Now that the Sydney Pinball Expo has come & gone, J-OMG caught up with co-organiser Michael Shaloub to wrap up our coverage of the event.

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Hello to our Taiwanese readers

May 28, 2009

One of the nice things in the WordPress stats is the ability to see what links people are following to get here. Overnight, we had a few visitors using a Taiwanese translation site to read a few J-OMG threads.

I fear some of my humour may not work when translated out of English – so if you’re reading this via Babelfish or some other translation website – I apologise for any possible confusion!

Oh – and if you’re a non-English speaking J-OMG visitor, please feel free to use a translation website, and add your thoughts in our “comments” section. I’m sure your efforts to communicate in my native language will be far superior to anything I could do in your language. 🙂

Retroaction – Nreive in the hot seat

May 26, 2009

With last week’s release of Retroaction issue 2, I thought it a great time to put their editor Nreive in the J-OMG hotseat, to find out a little more about how Retroaction is put together.

(Although… I expect after getting issue 2 online, he wasn’t expecting some sort of Spanish Inquisition…)

Cardinal Ximinez of Spain: NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION! Give me that keyboard! I will be conducting this interrogation… Cardinal Biggles… Tie up this JOMG person! Cardinal Fang… prepare… THE SOFT CUSHIONS!!!*

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Sydney Pinball Expo – FULL auction results list

May 21, 2009

Thanks to Aussie Arcade member FurballX, we’ve got the full listing of results from last Sunday’s auction.
And the pics are courtesy of AA member Cruiserman. Thanks guys…

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The 1st Sydney Pinball Expo

May 20, 2009

I’d always thought it should happen, but Michael Shalhoub & Rian Gledson have made it happen. The first ever Sydney Pinball expo.

One town hall. Hundreds of pinballs on freeplay. And I was all out of gum…

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Retroaction – issue 2 – excellent PDF mag out now

May 19, 2009

Issue 1 of Retroaction was a very pleasant surprise earlier this year.

This quarterly fan-made PDF magazine has high quality content, excellent visual design, and makes the most of the PDF format, by including working WWW links wherever possible.

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