Scorching hot rumour – Terminator Salvation Pinball?

  • 1991 – Terminator 2 – Williams Pinball
  • 2003 – Terminator 3 – Stern Pinball
  • 2009 – ????????????????????????????

Respected coin-op newsletter The Stinger Report included the following line in their update today:

“Another aspect that stays the same is STERN Pinball, even after major restructuring the company came to ASI’09 with their selection of latest tables with ‘24’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘CSI’ – the company still seems to be rolling with the punches, and sources spoke of another big pinball presentation for the coming ‘Terminator Salvation’ motion picture.

Reasons to believe a TS pinball might be coming…

  • Stern love licensed games.
  • They already did a Terminator sequel pinball.

Reasons to doubt a TS pinball is coming…

  • The film’s out in 3 weeks. Surely we’d have seen pictures of a TS pinball by now.
  • Stern appears to be simplifying their games. Fans would hate a “simple” Terminator pinball.

But here’s another twist in the tale.

Arcade Heroes suggested in March that there’s a TS lightgun arcade game on the way “later this year”. Now, if the gun game is coming “later” then maybe the pinball could also arrive “later”…

So – do you think T4 Pinball is coming?
Anyone got Steve Richie’s phone number?


2 Responses to Scorching hot rumour – Terminator Salvation Pinball?

  1. I’ve got Steve Ritchie’s number, but he’s not designing pinball machines anymore.

    • justonemoregame says:

      Well, next time you’re chatting, please thank him for designing T2 pinball. It’s the game that first attracted my attention & coins) from videogames. 🙂

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