Exclusive: One ebay auction to rule them all

You’ve probably heard about the current eBay UK auction with “over 1000 videogame items”.

But what’s the story?

J-OMG tracked down the seller RetroBoyG to ask all the questions you want answered…

Gianni, you’ve got a *serious* amount of Nintendo stuff listed (Over 400 items). What’s the ONE question you’d like to ask Miyamoto?

Father? 😀

You’re selling a lot of collectible “merchandise” type items… Are there any collectibles you missed out on getting – and regretted later?

There isn’t much I would bother about much. The only thing that comes to mind is an SNK towel set listed on eBay once.. That kinda pissed me off.

If someone was going to start collecting just 1 console & it’s carts.. which would you suggest?

It has to be a consolized MVS arcade system and a copy of Blazing Star. You cannot beat the Engrish in that game!

Some online commentary this was a “pre wedding sale” – but you said that wasn’t the case. *Do* you have a partner – and if so – how supportive/active are they in gaming?

I’m a 40 year old virgin! Haha… but seriously, i have a beautiful girlfriend who I’ve been with for just over 3 years. From the moment she saw my collection – till the day i decided to sell it – she has shown me nothing but 100% support. She really didn’t want me to sell it but she understands why I am doing it and appreciates that it’s for our future. By the way – She is more of a gamer than i will ever be.

Which *3* items in the collection that you have a real attachment to – and why?

Number 1 HAS to be my IIDX Beatmania Controller.. This thing is just the most sexual bit of hardware I’ve ever owned.. It’s like a bloody disco! I’m actually really sad to let this one go as I know they’re certainly hard to come by..

Second would have to be the Atomiswave (AWSD) arcade machine. I remember I bought two machines in the space of one week including this one – and i absolutely skinned myself.. My AWSD and a Sega Aerocity cabinet.. The AWSD was the most expensive thing I had ever bought in one go and one of the most impressive things I’ve ever owned. It’s pretty much the most perfect cab I could have asked for. I’m looking at it right now as i type this – and it does make me feel sad. 😦

Last but not least – would probably be my PS2 collection.. I have no idea why – as I barely played any of the stuff but i guess there are just some classics in there. PS2 in my eyes is one of the best consoles ever made for arcade ports – and i truly believe we will never see another machine like it.

What game did you buy – and severly regret – afterwards?

This one is very easy as I only purchased it a few months ago.. it HAS to be the World Heroes Anthology on the PS2. Oh my god – this is the crappiest game I’ve ever played! I’m very very glad I didn’t buy any of the original MVS carts.

What’s the best gaming controller you’ve used?

If the IIDX Beatmania controller counts, then that’s my answer! Failing that – is has to be the Saturn pad, yeah? I thought this was world famous for being the best controller in the world.. well for 2D stuff anyway!

You’re selling 2 arcade cabs. Would you buy cabs again? If so, which boards would you buy again?

Hell Yes! I even know what one exactly! I’m going to buy a Sega New Astro City cab when I’am settled down in a few years. These cabs are just the dogs danglers.. You can have a perfect button layout for CPS2/3 and MVS stuff with the control panel. The screens are amazing! I think I’d need to buy another AWSD though, to play Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) as this is the only bit of arcade hardware I’m keeping.. and it looks best in hi-res!

You’ve said that you’re hoping to raise some money towards a house. What sort of “game room” would the ideal place have?

Well, if our house is big enough to even have a games room i would like to pretty much just stick to the next gen stuff. All i really need is my PS3 and Xbox 360 and I’m a happy chappy! The Wii can go in the living room as that is where they belong surely.. 🙂

I hear you’re really looking forward to the Insert Coin exhibition in the UK. What’s the go?

I’m good friends with the organisers, and part of the IC09 team so i have pretty much knew about it from the word go.. I’ve been on the arcade scene for a few years now and am looking seriously forward to finally meeting all the people I’ve spoken to over the years. A room full of sweaty men playing arcade machines for 2 days.. Oh yes! 😉

Gianni, thanks for your time. Good luck with the auction… and enjoy IC09! 🙂

If you haven’t seen Gianni’s auction yet – here it is… (I hope you’ve got fast broadband)… and you’ll find more information on his blog.

6 Responses to Exclusive: One ebay auction to rule them all

  1. Joe says:

    I had man sex with Gianni once, he really is THAT good looking!

  2. gnome says:

    Lovely interview. And that was quite an auction too. Almost made me travel all the way there, buy the stuff, open a shop in Athens and change life. Almost.

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  4. gnome says:

    You can easily tread all over Retro treasures territory my friend. After all it will soon (along with my other stuff) enter hibernation mode. And it really was an excellent interview!

  5. PSN Games says:

    My god, the excess. I would end up selling most of it.

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