Retroaction – issue 2 – excellent PDF mag out now

Issue 1 of Retroaction was a very pleasant surprise earlier this year.

This quarterly fan-made PDF magazine has high quality content, excellent visual design, and makes the most of the PDF format, by including working WWW links wherever possible.

Issue 1 highlights… Raiders of the Lost Arcades (looking at a forgotten arcade title), Retro Respect: Jill of the Jungle (good article on this 90’s classic), Emulator Profile – DOSBox, a massive interview/review regarding the Megadrive remake Legend of Wukong & plenty of information about the 2008 Retro Remakes Competition.

I was blown away by the quality of issue 1, and issue 2 has just arrived to take up my valuable time… and demonstrate the Retroaction team’s dedication to quality.

Issue 2 highlights… A lookback at all the Build (Duke 3D, Blood, etc) games, The Retr0brite Project (restoring faded consoles), Retro Respect: Hexen, and there’s tonnes more.

My little paper bag of adjectives just isn’t enough to help me here. Let’s just say you should visit this link now – and start downloading.

(Oh, and don’t be a silly person like me, who forgets to check their site for the latest issue. Subscribe to Retroaction via email, and you’ll know as soon as issue 3 is released.)

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