Expo wrapup – Michael Shalhoub in the hot seat

Now that the Sydney Pinball Expo has come & gone, J-OMG caught up with co-organiser Michael Shaloub to wrap up our coverage of the event.

Michael, how did the 1st Sydney expo compare with your expectations?

It was a huge success. The fact that over 1500 people entered the Petersham Town Hall on the Saturday was unbelievable. It was great seeing families and children playing a game I fell in love with at the age of 6. I expected the expo to be big; it ended up being huge!

Highlights of the event?

Seeing people enjoy games, re-living their childhoods, was probably one of my biggest highlights. The different stall holders representing Australia’s best were there. Hoze from Capital Amusements brought two of the most collectable games in the world Cactus Canyon and Medieval madness. I had four games never seen before in Australia set up for people to play: a 1972 FireBall Bally, 1975 Pin Up, 1977 Lucky Hand & 1968 FunPark amongst three fortune teller games.

What sort of things do you plan to change/improve for 2010?

The event will run for three days, and we’ll be inviting guest speakers from the United States to attend.

What’s one memory you’ll cherish from the event?

A packed room, with the games getting a thrashing. You had to push past peole to get through the aisles! Everybody was having fun playing the wonderful game called Pinball.


Wotto from Aussie Pinball tells us that Arcade Plus had a very successful expo. They sold 2 arcade machines at the event, 2 in the week following, and there are a few more likely to sell. All these sales were attributable to the event.

Just goes to show… when the public get to see/touch home arcade gear, they will buy.

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