Paperworld’s got me flat-out excited

PaperWorld is a recent entry in the 2009 Swedish Game Awards.

Sure, it’s not the first “paper/2D in 3D game” but it looks really charming. And – it’s not a platform game, or an RPG. It’s a simulation. Anyway, I think it looks fantastic. Can’t wait to have a little play on it, when the game is done.

What’s that, you haven’t seen it moving yet?
Here’s the youtube clip…

And here’s the developer’s description:

PaperWorld is a LITE feelgood simulation game where you create and maintain a world fully made of paper. The simulation is more focused on the people living in the towns and the intregation of colors amongs them, instead of the maintainance of the city. It is a friendly and cosy game where you can play around, make social experiments or try to reach the top in the highscore by getting the largest and happiest population.

Thanks to Indiegames for the headsup.

One Response to Paperworld’s got me flat-out excited

  1. S0FTSP0T says:

    i like the idea of making social experiments 🙂
    I’ll try it when it’s done. Thank You.

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