Big Auction – Small Price

May 12, 2009

The big UK ePay auction we covered last week has now ended.

Someone’s done pretty well: £4100 for a gazillion pieces of videogaming equipment, games & memorabilia. I just hope the seller wasn’t counting on a much higher price…


Stats prove it: Classic games beat newer franchises

May 11, 2009

Recently, the Capcom videogame company released “lifetime statistics” for its franchises. (Thanks PalGN for the headsup.)

Reading the raw stats doesn’t give too many surprises. The Resident Evil, Mega Man & Street Fighter franchises take up the top 3 positions.

But what if you looked at the whole chart, and divided each sales figure, by the number of titles released? That would tell a very interesting story…

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Exclusive: One ebay auction to rule them all

May 6, 2009

You’ve probably heard about the current eBay UK auction with “over 1000 videogame items”.

But what’s the story?

J-OMG tracked down the seller RetroBoyG to ask all the questions you want answered…

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Scorching hot rumour – Terminator Salvation Pinball?

May 1, 2009

  • 1991 – Terminator 2 – Williams Pinball
  • 2003 – Terminator 3 – Stern Pinball
  • 2009 – ????????????????????????????

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EXCLUSIVE: Armalyte up my life!

May 1, 2009

Commodore 64 “shmup” fans rejoice!

An official PC remake of the Commodore 64 classic, Armalyte is in development. This release has been sanctioned by the original rights holders AND it’ll come out in a proper CDROM box.

Yes, I know you’re bursting with questions, and HERE at J-OMG, we’ve got all the answers…

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