Edge pixel poster challenge – now with added grid!

Edge magazine has sent out an amazing bonus to current subscribers – a specially-commissioned pixel art poster crammed with videogame references.

The artist was Gary “armyoftrolls” Lucken. And boy does he do great work.

I’ve just spent my lunchtime creating a “grid reference” version, so we can solve the mysteries together. Download link appears below.

The poster jpeg is a bit “low res” – but if you download it, then zoom in (using an image viewer) you should be able to identify most of the characters/machines/levels in the picture..

Rightclick on image & save as to download.

Rightclick on image & "save as" to download.

Here’s a few, to get you started…

  • N-17 = Link from Legend of Zelda
  • E-16 = Player’s army from Syndicate
  • ]-06 = Undead from Ghosts n Goblins
  • [-24 = Bub n Bob from Bubble Symphony/Bubble Bobble

Please add your finds (including grid references) in the comments!
Original story found @ Offworld.

UPDATE: If you feel like giving this a bit of “Digg-loving” or Reddit-loving that would be great.


8 Responses to Edge pixel poster challenge – now with added grid!

  1. […] Game, a gaming blog that has been added to my RSS reader after giving it a once over just now, has dissected the poster into individual grids that are easier to sift through for information.  Readers are invited to save the grid version, […]

  2. […] me that he has created a grid version for anyone who is serious about character hunting, available here. Thanks […]

  3. Elix says:

    O-28 – Q-28 = Ken vs. Guile in Guile’s stage (Street Fighter II/etc)
    B-3 – C-4 = Arwings (Star Fox)
    F/G/H in the first 16 rows = Falling Tetris pieces
    K-8 and surrounding area = Princess Peach’s castle from Mario 64 complete with Mario out front, a couple of Goomba, Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, Yoshi on the roof, a Moogle balanced on a spire, and happy Super Mario World hills behind the castle around F-8. The castle is also patrolled by Mushbooms and Rabites from the Secret of Mana series. Jaws appears to be in charge of guarding the moat.
    Intersection of E/F-8/9 = Mega Man (in the Mega Man X style suit)
    !-28 and surrounding area = Patapons vs. the Crab Boss (Patapon series)
    *-28 and area = Animal Crossing characters at the “Nintendo Petting Zoo”
    Y-25 = Parappa the Rapper and co on stage
    X-25 = Loco Roco characters immediately nearby Parappa
    Z-7 = Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series
    G-22 = Sonic the Hedgehog is standing at the beginning of an entire Sonic-themed course
    –15 = Someone is in a hot air balloon shaped like Professor Ryuta Kawashima’s virtual head from the Brain Age series
    A-16 = Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
    B-10 and down the building = Lemmings with umbrellas don’t go splat
    O-7 = A Nintendo Entertainment System is on a flatbed truck
    E-7 and surrounding area = Darwinians from Introversion Software’s title Darwinia seem to have escaped their VR habitat to watch the race
    –8 = Bomberman is looking over the wall
    ]-10 = George (the giant ape from Rampage)
    T-3 – T-14 = The Citadel from Half-Life 2
    N-8/O-8 = A green-coloured Prinny from Disgaea? Hard to tell, might be a character I don’t recognize.
    ^-10 and area = Red and Blue teams from Advance Wars square off.
    %-4 = Puyo are congregating at the corner (from Puyo Puyo)
    #-3 = The Prince is going to eventually roll everything in here up. Just give him time. (Katamari Damacy series)
    &-9 = The R-9a “Arrowhead” flies with an option powerup, from R-Type
    J-23 = Super Monkey Ball
    Q-10 = Enemy from Galaga in the window
    Z-8 = Five of these seven blue-roofed houses have Sims gem cursors over them, and one person to the left of Sub-Zero has one
    *-3 = Cherry from Pac-Man (and likely tons of other games)
    O-13 = The “Flame Grill” is likely a Bomberman reference
    I-28 = Sony PSP on a billboard
    (-20 = Pac-Man ghost
    +-20 = Nintendo Gameboy

    Also, large and very obvious ones: The Cacodemon from DOOM, the arcade units, such as Bubble Bobble and Space Invaders.

    Well… I’ve no life. Someone else’s turn.

  4. […] Edge pixel poster challenge – now with added grid! Edge magazine has sent out an amazing bonus to current subscribers – a specially-commissioned pixel art poster […] […]

  5. Third Eye says:

    Wow, impressive piece of pixel art and impressive work for both elix and J-OMG :O!

  6. […] up from our earlier post last week, it’s time to combine all the “game spotting” solutions that were made, […]

  7. […] mentioned in a previous post that Just One More Game was running an Internet-wide challenge to get people to catch every reference in the epic Edge Pixel Poster.  Well the results are in […]

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