Edge pixel poster crowd-solving results

Following up from our earlier post last week, it’s time to combine all the “game spotting” solutions that were made, on forums around the net.

I’ve listed the results twice – firstly sorted by Game Title, then by Grid Reference.

So far, there are 64 make that 89 games/systems/references listed … do you think we’ve got them all?

Results (sorted by Game Title)

Advanced Wars ^10
Animal Crossing *29
Bangai-O (Robot) C06
Bomberman -08
Bombjack &17
Bubble Bobble (cab) W17
Bubble Symphony (Bub n Bob) [24
Carmaggedon (pedestrian run over) ]10
Cobra Triangle (Dragon) H29
Commodore 64 [01
Crazy Taxi #02
Darwinia E27
Defender (ship & enemies) I02
Dig Dug (Dig Dug + Pooka) P24
Doom (Cacodemon) Z11
Dr Kawashima’s brain training -15
Ecco the Dolphin E29
EDGE logo U05
Final Fantasy (Moogle) I07
FF7 (Cloud) O10
Frogger P16
Front Mission T16
Galaga (Enemy in window) Q10
GameBoy +20
Genji 2 (Massive Damage sign) C08
Ghosts n Goblins (Arthur & Undead) /06
Gradius ^08
Grim Fandango (Manny) J03
GTA (Krishnas) 9
GTA IV (Nico) +07
Guardian Hereoes (Ginjiro Ibushi) )23
Gunstar Heroes (Gunstar Red) D10
Gunstar Heroes (weapon pickups) B09
Half Life 2 (Citadel 17) T14
Halo (Master Chief) [17
Ignition (cop car) !03
Katamari @04
Legend of Zelda (Link) N17
Legend of Zelda (Link’s sword) L18
Lemmings B10
Loco Roco X25
Mario (Boo) I17
Mario (himself) M10
Mario 64. (Castle with Yoshi on the roof) K09
Mario (blocks) M29
Mech Warrior 2 T16
Mega Man (himself) E08
Metal Slug (explosions) C06
MGS (Snake) *15
Miner Willy Z14
Minestorm on Vectrex. N13
Monster Hunter (cat) Q24
Mortal Kombat (SubZero) Z07
Mr Driller (on top of column) $25
Pacman (Pixel ghost) (22
Pacmania (Ghost) M19
Paperboy (houses) $07
Parappa the Rappa Z25
Patapon #28
Pengo (penguin & ice cubes) O06
Playstation Symbols (square, triangle, circle, X) #20
Pong. T20
Puyo %04
Puzzle Bobble. ]23
PS1 I04
R Type &09
Rampage (George) [11
Secret of Mana (the easy yellow bunny thingy) M14
Shadow of the Colossus L25
Sonic the Hedgehog G22
Space Invaders ]28
Speedball 2 N3
Star fox B03
Street Fighter 2 (Ken and Guile) P28
Street Fighter 2 (Chun-Li & Fei-Long) F07
Super Monkey Ball J23
Syndicate (Player’s army) E16
Tetris E1-E15
The Sims (gem cursors) #06
Tomb Raider (Lara) A16
Transformers/Gundam? J20
Vagrant Story [03
Viewtiful Joe Vs Darwinia. F26
Virtual Fighter (cab) %02
Waverace 64 A28
Warcraft (ogre) V03
Yoshi K07
ZX Spectrum #20

Rightclick on image & save as to download.

Rightclick on image & "save as" to download.

Results (sorted by Grid Reference)

!03 Ignition (cop car)
#02 Crazy Taxi
#06 The Sims (gem cursors)
#20 ZX Spectrum
#20 Playstation Symbols (square, triangle, circle, X)
#28 Patapon
$07 Paperboy (houses)
$25 Mr Driller (on top of column)
%02 Virtual Fighter (cab)
%04 Puyo
&09 R Type
&17 Bombjack
(22 Pacman (Pixel ghost)
*15 MGS (Snake)
*29 Animal Crossing
/06 Ghosts n Goblins (Arthur & Undead)
@04 Katamari
)23 Guardian Hereoes (Ginjiro Ibushi)
[01 Commodore 64
[03 Vagrant Story
[11 Rampage (George)
[17 Halo (Master Chief)
[24 Bubble Symphony (Bub n Bob)
]10 Carmaggedon (run over pedestrian)
]23 Puzzle Bobble.
]28 Space Invaders
^08 Gradius
^10 Advanced Wars
+07 GTA IV (Nico)
+20 GameBoy
-08 Bomberman
-15 Dr Kawashima’s brain training
9 GTA (Krishnas)
A16 Tomb Raider (Lara)
A28 Waverace 64
B03 Star fox
B09 Gunstar Heroes (weapon pickups)
B10 Lemmings
C06 Bangai-O (Robot)
C08 Genji 2 (Massive Damage sign)
D10 Gunstar Heroes (Gunstar Red)
E1-E15 Tetris
E08 Mega Man
E16 Syndicate (Player’s army)
E27 Darwinia
E29 Ecco the Dolphin
F07 Street Fighter 2 (Chun-Li & Fei-Long)
F26 Viewtiful Joe Vs Darwinia.
G22 Sonic the Hedgehog
H29 Cobra Triangle (Dragon)
I02 Defender (ship & enemies)
I04 PS1
I07 Final Fantasy (Moogle)
I17 Mario (Boo)
J03 Grim Fandango (Manny)
J20 Transformers/Gundam?
J23 Super Monkey Ball
K07 Yoshi
K09 Mario 64. (Castle with Yoshi on the roof)
L18 Legend of Zelda (Link’s sword)
L25 Shadow of the Colossus
M10 Mario (himself)
M14 Secret of Mana (the easy yellow bunny thingy)
M19 Pacmania (Ghost)
M29 Mario (blocks)
N13: Minestorm on Vectrex.
N17 Legend of Zelda (Link)
N3 Speedball 2
O06 Pengo (penguin & ice cubes)
O10 FF7 (Cloud)
P16 Frogger
P24 Dig Dug (Dig Dug + Pooka)
P28 Street Fighter 2 (Ken and Guile)
Q10 Galaga (Enemy in window)
Q24 Monster Hunter (cat)
T14 Half Life 2 (Citadel 17)
T16 Front Mission
T16 Mech Warrior 2
T20 Pong.
U05 EDGE logo
V03 Warcraft (ogre)
W17 Bubble Bobble (cab)
X25 Loco Roco
Z07 Mortal Kombat (SubZero.)
Z11 Doom (Cacodemon)
Z14 Miner Willy
Z25 Parappa the Rappa


Thanks to the following people for their contributions!

Overclockers AU forums:
AT-AT, Capt-Irelevent, Flinchy, Fresh79, karn1911, Lardman, Opressa, scon, Shimmy, Spirit76, Willybomb.
Retro Remakes forums:
Cymon, Endurion, hatonastick, Playerone, shezzor, Dragon.
&… J-OMG commenters:
Elix, Andrew@InsertCoin, Gary/Army of Trolls, Draugo, 13, Go Phish, Griff, Vysion.

So, did we miss any games?


25 Responses to Edge pixel poster crowd-solving results

  1. […] in the epic Edge Pixel Poster.  Well the results are in from around the Internet and Gabe has posted a follow-up with the results.  Be sure to check it out and see if you can’t contribute to the challenge […]

  2. Andrew says:

    Master Chief – [17
    Warcraft Ogre? – V03
    Moogle? – I07 on castle flagpole

    Just after a quick glance-through.

    • justonemoregame says:

      Thanks Andrew,
      Master Chief was on the list (I’ve forgotten to put him under “Halo”), but I’ve added the other 2.

  3. Armyoftrolls says:

    Lol good work guys you got most of em, a few were missing tho…

    Vagrant Story is up by the church with the zombies.

    A cat from Monster Hunter is outside the park next to some guys from Dug Dug.

    Near the massive damage sign is the robot from Bangai-O.

    3 of my fave games and you missed em 😛

    • justonemoregame says:

      Gary, thanks for dropping by!
      I’d say we did pretty well (spotting 71 out of 77?) 🙂

      PS: Oh no, I missed Dig Dug! (#retrogaming #fail)
      Mind you – they’re really tiny on my version.

  4. Armyoftrolls says:

    also missed, Mr Driller on one of the post around the park and ginjiro ibushi from Guardian heroes is on the screen near the space invaders cab.

  5. Vysion says:

    Possibilities (but I’d love to have a high res version to work from…)
    E29 Ecco the Dolphin
    #20 Sony PlayStation controller buttons [square, triangle, circle, X]
    #21-$21 Tony Hawk Pro Skater or º720

    Who is the character in these cells?
    on wall @21, @22 and in person at @25, #25
    on graffiti wall of stairs at $22
    on side of building at )23 my guess is Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney
    on grass standing across K24, K25, L24, L25, M24, and M25 my guess is one of the Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus
    on the road ]10 my guess is Carmaggedon from the run over pedestrian and bloody tires
    on the sidewalk +07 my guess is Nico from Grand Theft Auto 4
    on sidewalk F06, F07 and next to that at G06, G07 my guess are a couple of fighting game damsels (Soul Calibur or Street Fighter?)

    While it’s been mentioned, I wanted to clarify the coolness of:
    &26 Balloon present from Animal Crossing and its twin at the upper left corner of -27
    #28 Cioking enemy of the Patapon
    +05, +06, [05, [06 The hero of the Ghosts and Goblins series in his unarmored form
    R02 one of the LocoRoco enemy critters far from the others

    I can’t tell if any of the crates at the docks have little Solid Snake feet underneath (again how does one get the high-res version; is it for sale?).

    I actually did see Dig Dug, but that’s been mentioned in the comments (same with the Felyne chef from the Monster Hunter series next to them) so no prize for me.

    I’ve got to stop before going cross-eyed looking at 400% magnification.

  6. […] poster that the magazine company is giving away to all of it’s most recent subscribers? Well, Just One More Game has put up a guide to deciphering the poster, and they made the poster into a grid, and posted each […]

  7. Griff says:

    The weapons from Gunstar Heroes are sitting in a row starting at B9.

  8. Griff says:

    Also found Mega Man straddling E8/E9/F8/F9.

  9. […] Have you been wondering just what goodies are hidden in the EDGE game poster? Well, at the link below, you can see a collection of games/characters that are hidden in the image above. Just use the grid to see where your favorite games are located! Guide here […]

  10. Draugo says:

    How about the Massive Damage sign in itself. Might be a reference to the Genji 2 E3 promotion thing. You know the one with the giant crab enemy.

  11. starlac says:

    As a Edge sub, I can tell you that the game character in the window Q10 is Sam Fisher, not an enemy from Galaga.

  12. starlac says:

    $26/27 – the grid line between these two squares goes straight through Flicky from the sega game of the same name and nearby there are some chicks.

  13. Ali Alsawaf says:

    I recently subscribed to Edge just to get this 😦

    They offer it with new subs currently. As much as I hate Edge.

  14. Ali Alsawaf says:

    And here it is, framed up in all it’s glory in the games room

    it really is a brilliant piece of art!

  15. justonemoregame says:

    *Fantastic* Ali. Nice work. 🙂

  16. dragonfeather says:

    F10 -> FF12 Balthier

  17. dragonfeather says:

    B28 -> Wave race

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