I’d like you to meet someone…

Oliver Michael (aka “Player 3”) was born Saturday June 27 @ 10.32pm.

He had to spend 5 days in ICU. This was a real introduction to being a dad. I’ll never forget when they had to put a tube down his nose, into his tummy to keep him going. He screamed as it went in, and I felt this terrible feeling… that… well, all my fears of not being attached to the new arrival were blown out of the water.

ie: Wuvs. We haz it.

He was such a great little guy in ICU. Very few complaints. And finally, he got to spend a few nights with us in our ‘regular’ room. We met many amazing parents whose kids were born at 24 weeks (ie 4 months early) and who’ve had to deal with much, much worse than us. We won’t forget them.

Getting Oliver back from ICU was great. Here’s a pic of (very tired) Dad, wheeling him down the corridor. And – for the nth time – the Coke was NOT for the baby, haha.

Dad wheeling Player 3 from ICU after 5 days.

Dad wheeling Player 3 from ICU after 5 days.

Although, interestingly enough, they DO give some caffeine to bubs in ICU to stimulate their systems a little. The other sugary/ICU insight I have for you.. is that they put a few drips of glucose syrup on baby’s tongue before a painful blood test. The sugar puts them in “dreamy sugar land” for about a minute, and then… they don’t mind the heel prick much at all. Clever!

Last Friday was the day we finally got to go home. My wife went outside for the first time in 8 days! Her first desires at home? Have a hot shower “in our shower” and sleep “in our bed”. Bliss. We’re now into the crazy nights/feed/nappies/minute of sleep cycle, but we are besotted with Player 3, so it doesn’t matter. Having our 2 grannies stay (from out of town) has been fantastic.

AND – I received THE most amazing baby retrogaming gift from my sister-in-law.

Photo….. coming soon.
(I have to get the piccie *just* right)

Thanks for your patience during the past 10 days.
I’ve got some great J-OMG news to share in the next few days.

Gabe the proud dad.

4 Responses to I’d like you to meet someone…

  1. Ali Alsawaf says:

    Congratulations, and it’s great to hear all 3 of you players are fine!

    We’re on week 3 of Adam’s life, we circumcised him when he was 6 days old – that was interesting!

    You’re right, it’s a feeling no one can describe until they have a child. My dad used to go “you’ll find out when you’re a dad” and I’d go “pffffffffffft”… now I know, and so do you 😀

    I presume mum isn’t caucasian? I’m arab and mum is english so your Oliver looks very like our Adam, just the other way round 😀

    Have fun! when you find out how to successfully hold a baby and play a PC game (keyboard and mouse, no joypad cheating :p) let me know!

    • justonemoregame says:

      Thanks Ali. Hope Adam is well. 🙂

      Wifey is Indian-Australian. (Parents from Goa & East Africa)
      On the gaming front, I already have a “Baby Bjorn” for such multitasking!

  2. Ali Alsawaf says:

    Ah! Almost bought the bjorn but instead we went for something called “close”..

    Problem is, you can’t sit close enough to your desk to comfortably play. Or at least I can’t 😀


  3. elvis says:

    Congratulations my friend. May you have many joyous days of three player gaming ahead. 🙂

    Time to break out the Sunset Riders 3 player cab. 🙂

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