Now, a “Retro Gamer double shot” on Gabe FM…

Last month, I spent 2 weeks playing a classic arcade game to death. All I can tell you about it – is its genre. It’s another shmup (shoot ’em up). I played 5 of the game’s home ports, took screenshots galore, searched for obscure trivia…

And my latest “Why you must play…” appears in Retro Gamer’s August 2009 edition, which has just started arriving in Northern hemisphere letterboxes and newsagents.

Compared to my first WYMP article, this one was written under a fair bit of pressure. I had a shorter timeframe, and my deadline was exactly the same day as another important deadline! But the work was done, Oliver (Player 3) arrived safely, and all was good.

Last Sunday, I thought to myself “At last, Oliver’s settling into a routine… I can spend some time updating J-OMG…”

Then, this happenned…

Retro Gamer was hoping I could do another Why You Must Play.
For September. Deadline: 10 days.

This time around, Darran (RG editor) chose a game I’m less familiar with, from a genre I’ve played less often. (So, it’s not a shmup then!) There’s a real challenge to stepping outside your usual gaming boundaries and trying to learn the essentials of a genre – in a week!

So, I’ve been madly playing Game X and its various ports, and tonight I’ll email article 3 to RG.

Look out for “Why You Must Play **** *****”^ – in this month’s Retro Gamer, and “Why You Must Play ***** *****”^, a month after that.

^Yes, that’s the exact number of letters in each title.

PS: Come back later today… for J-OMG’s big BLOCK ROCKIN EXCLUSIVE!

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