Upside down, Miss Jane*!

Melbourne’s Age (& Fairfax’s newspapers/websites elsewhere) does a lot of great stuff for videogaming.

I grew up reading C64 reviews in The Green Guide on a Thursday. In the 90’s I read the Icon liftout on a Saturday. And these days, I never miss a post on the fantastic Screen Play blog.

But did all the Age staff get the memo that “near enough isn’t good enough” for covering videogames?

Would somebody ask a Carlton football player to pose in a Collingwood jumper “because the stripes have a nice simple pattern for the photo”?

What about asking a Federal politician to pose in front of state parliament, because the building is more convenient?

So why does a talented arcade cabinet builder (in today’s Age) have to pretend he’s playing a game, despite the fact it’s clearly upside down?

Yes – the photo looks good with Joe sitting where he is. I understand the rule of thirds. But if you just rotated the machine 180 degrees, you’d get the same shot without making someone look a bit silly.

==> Age scores “Extra life” for the article text.
==> Age burnt by Fygar for the photo


*For non-Australian JOMGers: Mr Squiggle was a puppet on TV who’d start with some squiggles on a page, then have to turn it into a picture. He’d often ask the presenter (Miss Jane) to turn the picture upside down so it would make sense.

CC Mr Squiggle photo by Flikr User Hilary Talbot.


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