Final day: The Operation Block FAQ

This is it. The final day of “International Operation Block week”.

Thanks to everyone who’s offered their support on various online forums.. I’ll have lots of great content to share with you in coming months as I slowly develop the game.

And now, the Operation Block FAQ!

Q: When’s it coming out?

Q: No, seriously, when’s it coming out.
A: Not for a year or 2. Ish. *Conditions apply.

Q: Yr jst koppying Lego Star Wars n Indy!
A: That’s actually a sentence. And a barely comprehendible one at that.
Why not try it again, as a question…?

Q: OK… Why are you doing a Lego style game when there are lots of them already?
A: When I started Op Block in early 2006, there was only one of those famous Lego games.
My game is a 2D shooting game. Those famous games are 3D action/exploration games.

Q: Is there an important disclaimer you’d like to make?
A: Yes.. there is!
Operation Block is NOT endorsed by – nor in any way connected with – Taito (creators of Operation Wolf), Lego or Traveller’s Tales (makers of games like Lego Star Wars). Those companies own the rights to these properties. I do not. Operation Block is just a free, fan-made game that should NOT be confused with any more famous videogames.

Q: Is it coming out on Mac, Xbox360, iPhone or Dick Smith Wizzard?
A: At the moment, I only have the skills, software (& time!) to put Op Block on PC.
If the PC version is popular, other ports might be considered.

Q: How much will Operation Block cost?
A: Weren’t you paying attention? Nothing. $0. Free. It’s just being made for fun.

Q: Can I help?
A: At this stage, I’m not after volunteers, but later on I will be asking for some (fun) assistance.

Q: What is love?
A: Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me… no more.

Q: What the hell was that?
A: An early 90’s cheese dance pop reference. You must be new here.

Q: So, is that it, for Operation Block coverage on JOMG?
A: No, for the next 2 years I’ll be blogging plenty of screenshots, renders, and yes, trailers.
Somebody’s gotta do it.


Hope you enjoyed Day 5 of “International Operation Block Week”.

If you missed the previous days… here they are!

PS: If you’re excited by Operation Block, please consider giving it a “digg” or a “reddit“. Thanks!


3 Responses to Final day: The Operation Block FAQ

  1. Nreive says:

    A fascinating week of blog entries and I look forward to further updates throughout the game’s development.

  2. Devious Cow says:

    Awwww man! That’s it? And only the one cheesy musical reference?
    I want to read mooooooooore!!!

    It’s interesting to read how you pulled Op-wolf apart as opposed to how I pull games apart myself. I’ve never used a video capture for timing, only for ripping sprites. That idea may come in handy… Thanks!

    • justonemoregame says:

      Heh, early days yet for cheesy musical references, believe me.

      As for timing things for matching an original game, that’s just how my head works, eh.

      PS: Hope your indie game is progressing OK, DC?

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