Old Macdonald had a… race.

Sometimes, when you visiting some indie game dev forums, you watch a trailer, and say YESSSSS!!!

(paraphrasing from their site) Barnyard Racers is a cartoon style racer with a barnyard animal theme. It’s being created in XNA for the 2009 DreamBuildPlay Contest and (the creator) plans to sell it as a Community Game through Xbox Live.

The August trailer (above) shows massive improvement on the April 2009 trailer. In just four months, Barnyard Racing’s improved no end. The new character/vehicle models & menus give it a really fun look.

I love the cow driving the old jalopy. And the chicken driving a ride-on lawnmower. The addition of Wile-E-coyote style “rockets on extending arms” is just icing on the cake!

I wouldn’t buy an Xbox for Halo… but this game… maybe…

You can download an early test version (for PC or XBox community members) from the official site.


2 Responses to Old Macdonald had a… race.

  1. Devious Cow says:

    It looked like the chicken was on a F1 racing car to me. Not that it really matters 😀

  2. justonemoregame says:


    Well I *do* have to pick up my new glasses this week…

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