And… we’re BACK.

Woh. Sorry about that.

Apparently… you don’t have much time when a baby arrives!

Who would have known? It’s not like Pacman & Ms Pacman retired as soon as baby Pac arrived.

Anyway, despite the lack of posts recently, I have been busy. I’ve been organising an interview with (insert name of famous person), and another interview with someone who’s currently (filming something very interesting).

I’ve also got news of (an amazing gaming exhibition), some very cool arcade photos from (this place in the USA) & (this museum in Europe). And if that’s not enough, I’m working on a “day 1” exclusive interview to celebrate the release of (a highly anticipated remake).

Yes, yes… there’s a whole bunch of mysteries there.

But I guarantee you’ll enjoy seeing them solved… in the next few weeks here @ J-OMG.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of fun.

Thanks to Screen Play for pointing this out to me… Aussie comedy group Tripod performing their song “Make You Happy Tonight” at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Don’t ask, just watch. (You’ll thank me after.)

*CC licensed “hardly working” photo thanks to Flikr user aeu04117.


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