More arcade art for your wall

2009 seems to be the year of “2D classic gaming sprites turned into 3D”.

A few months ago, we brought to your attention some great golden-era arcade-themed artwork (resin castings) by Melissa Jones.

Sevens Heaven also produces some similar 2D-to-3D transformation artwork, except their medium is raytraced posters on canvas.

A selection of Seventh Heaven posters

Sure the usual arcade suspects are there (DK, Pacman, Galaga) but they’ve also gone a little bit more obscure (Amidar, Ladybug) and even branched into C64 titles (Impossible Mission, Monty on the Run)

Sevens Heaven is a Dutch company, and currently only ships their canvases to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Pity.

Credit: I can’t find the link now, but I’m pretty sure I saw this a while ago on Arcade Heroes.

One Response to More arcade art for your wall

  1. Sevensheaven says:

    Many thanks for featuring my work in your blog, much appreciated. I’d like to add that all 3D pixel artworks are now available internationally at

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