Happy birthday JOMG!

(Please allow us just one, self-centred post this year….)

12 months ago this week, JustOneMoreGame spread words, pictures & retro/indie/coinop gaming joy for the first time.

Since then, we’ve set Twitter on fire (making games run backwards), gone cross-eyed… spotting characters, discovered the “@” sign is a lie, introduced the cutest gamer-to-be & started developing our own game.

Right now, I’m working through a huge backlog of tips ‘n’ great gaming news… plus a few exclusives that are bubbling away quietly in the background. The next few weeks should be pretty interesting indeed…

thanks for your support guys!

*Legopic by Flikr user PhotomishDan.


3 Responses to Happy birthday JOMG!

  1. gnome says:

    And happy birthday from me! Keep up the excellent work. We love it. (uhh, We?)

  2. Nreive says:

    Happy birthday, JOMG. With such great content, I’m sure it will be the first of many.

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