Laser Blast + Strategy = Sky Invader

A long, long, long time ago, the kid down the street had a birthday. There, at his party, the challenge was on. The game: ‘Laser Blast’. The console: his brand new Atari 2600.

Birthday cake was eaten, Fanta was consumed, and after many pixellated tanks were destroyed, I was the winner…

Fast forwarding 30 years……………………………

Indie game maker Clement has announced a stunning new game, Sky Invader which looks very much like a strategic version of Laser Blast. There’s the UFO at the top, tanks on the bottom (plus helicopters) but this time it’s mouse-controlled with more ‘strategy’ and less ‘shmup’.

Check out the trailer, and prepare for your jaw to interface with your carpet.

It’s being made in MMF – a game making system used by respected retro remakers like SpaceTime Games and Ovine by Design.

*thanks to Tigsource for the heads up.


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