Hot news: Mana Bar – official launch party details

You may have heard of the Mana Bar… a games plus drinks venue opening soon in Brisbane, Australia. It’s being put together by Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg (AustralianGamer), Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw (Zero Punctuation), Prasant Moorthy (a Sega designer), and Shay Leighton (a bartender).

Thank god they remembered at least one person needed to know what to do with the liquid stuff.

We’re working on an interview with a few of the guys before the launch day (sorry for the delay Yug, things have been a bit mental at JOMG headquarters) and soon we…


Just a sec:

Copy… paste… upload….

Quoting from the press release: (Did you see that online media? It’s called ‘transparency’! /sarcasm off) “For the launch weekend special, The Mana Bar is also proud to offer exclusive early code of the new Xbox Live game “Raskulls,” currently in development by acclaimed Brisbane-based games developer Halfbrick Studios.
With hourly prizes, giveaways, live entertainment and special guests, the Mana Bar will open its doors from midday to midnight, and will be operational every night thereafter.”

As you can see, the games mentioned on the poster are decidedly non-retro/non-indie, but I’ll be putting the hard word on the Mana boys with a list of titles worth considering.

Here’s a few, and I’m just warming up:
Beats of RageSYNSOWormsNeo Turf Masters Spelunky

C’mon.. YOU must have some suggestions… leave ’em in the comments!
‘Pick up n play’ is the go.

One Response to Hot news: Mana Bar – official launch party details

  1. gnome says:

    Uhm, let me see, let me see… How about Walker and Silhouette? It’s so inappropriate for a bar it’s perfect.

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