Spelunky – first Xbox Live screenshots

If there’s anything (besides our delightful Player 3) that took up my time in 2009, it’s Spelunky.

Derek Yu’s evil evil evil work of evil genius fantastic platformer completely captured me… like no other 2D game has… for a long loooooooong time.

Now, hot off the internets… the honourable Mr Yu has uploaded the first screenshots of Spelunky (XBLA version).

More (& much BIGGER) screenshots here.

And now, I shall demonstrate incredible journalistic skill by holding my left [Ctrl] button, and hitting my “V” button…

Spelunky XBLA features:

– High-resolution, hand-painted graphics
– Dynamic lighting, shadows, and other graphical effects like water distortion and reflections
– Achievements and leaderboards, natch
– New game modes (to be announced)
– And much more to come!

Personally, I’m really excited about the 5th one. 😉

More news as it happens.

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