Scalpel… suction… quarters…!?!

Well, did anyone spot THIS coming?

There’s a new King of Kong, and he’s not a school teacher. He’s a plastic surgeon.

Hank Chien’s first game of Donkey Kong was only in 2006. At the time, he couldn’t finish the first level, and thought to himself ‘This game sucks’. A year later, he saw King of Kong, and started to play a little more seriously, although he was still using MAME rather than an actual DK arcade cab.

In September 2009, he managed to crack a million points, and to his surprise – realised that the world record wasn’t much higher. It was then that Hank decided to go for the top spot. He squeezed a Donkey Kong machine into the tiny Manhattan apartment he shares with his brother, and got serious.

And on February 26, this year… on a day when he couldn’t go to work, because New York was snowed in, ‘Dr Kong’ managed to score 1,061,700 points. Well done Hank. (C’mon STEVE!)

Oh, and today’s Mainstream Media Killscreen of Fail is brought to you by who managed to rename Steve Wiebe as “Steve Sanders”. (Screenshot here, in case they correct their dunderhead mistake) I dunno…. maybe Steve sells fried chicken after school?

You can read more about Hank @ Twingalaxies.

One Response to Scalpel… suction… quarters…!?!

  1. gnome says:

    Impressive, but, really, do we really need that kind of competition in our leisure?

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