At last, the answer is NOT Tony Danza…

Back in February, I wrote a guestblog on Fairfax Media’s SCREEN PLAY. Opposites Attract was all about games where you get to play “the other”. Not necessarily a baddie – just the opposite of the ‘usual’ role, in a particular genre.

One game I mentioned, Boss Rush, was still ‘in development’ at the time.

BUT NOW IT’S OUT… and ready to play online…

Boss Rush is a stylised shmup, where YOU are the giant boss, using a selection of bullet/beam patterns to fight tiny ‘heroes’ trying to destroy you.

There’s some nice tutorials to ease you into the action, then lots of levels and unlockable goodies to keep you playing. Once you’ve mastered your ‘boss’ skills, you can even try the VERSUS mode, with a 2nd human player (on your PC) controlling the small hero ship.

Boss Rush is playable online. For free.
It’ll take you a minute or two to get into the game proper, but it’s worth experiencing.

My only beef with the game – is the graphical style. Don’t get me wrong… It’s not bad in any way. I just would have preferred a Cave/Toaplan style. Hmm… maybe the Paper Dino folks could do a little deal with Army of Trolls? Well, I can dream.

Credit: Thanks to for the headsup.

4 Responses to At last, the answer is NOT Tony Danza…

  1. Myf says:

    Great, now I’m going to be singing to Tony Danza for the rest of the day. The world around me will not be happy

    • justonemoregame says:

      Lucky note 1: I can’t remember the theme song.
      Lucky note 2: If you try to remind me, I’ll block your comments.

      …Mwah, hahaha!

  2. Myf says:

    The theme song not so much – thanks to Youtube. But that disturbingly well known Elton John song ….

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