More screenshots: Smila & Stu’s arcade project

Following on from our exclusive story last week, Smila’s shared a few more screenshots & renders for his ‘virtual arcade’ project with Stu C. We’ve also got a few insights into the kinds of things the boys hope to include…

First up, more screenshots!

Your virtual arcade will include coke/chip machines, coin pushers, pinball machines.

One of the new pool tables (complete with copy of Zzap 64 magazine, nice), some new ‘coin pusher’ games, and the change booth.

So THAT’S why the arcade’s so clean… RUBBISH BINS! Also pictured, a great-looking airhockey table.

The outside of the arcade reminds me a hell of a lot of the beach in Vice City, complete with Mr Whippy Van. (It better play the tune, guys!)

Now, if those screenshots aren’t enough, Stuart recently teased us with some more plans.. “We plan to get the thing up and running in a “single player” mode but ultimately I want it multiuser, invite your friends to your arcade, TV screens up showing games in progress etc..”

I wonder if users will be able to ‘mod’ the game, to add their own cabinets? Lots of questions to be answered in coming months.

More info: ‘A day at the arcades‘ Retro Remakes thread.

6 Responses to More screenshots: Smila & Stu’s arcade project

  1. Marc says:

    Now all they need to add is the smoky haze and the muggers, and it’ll be ready to go. 😉

    This looks ace, I can’t wait! Will you be able to play the penny falls?

    • justonemoregame says:

      Hey Marc,

      Before I forget – love your blog! Have really enjoyed a few of your recent posts.
      Regarding the ‘penny falls’/’coin pushers’… they won’t be playable. But – if I had any decent web progamming skills, I’d make my own playable one, whack it on Facebook*, and retire a rich man.

      *Pennyfallsbook™ (c) JOMG 2010 😉

      • StickHead says:

        Glad you like the blog, comments like that really help to keep me motivated! I’ve been on holiday these past two weeks, but normal service will resume shortly.

  2. smila says:

    penny falls will now be playable 😉

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