Wikipedia + Myst x Teletext = PlayPen

“Draw here”.
Never have two words lead to such creativity and fun!

PlayPen is the latest ‘thing’ from Farbs, the Aussie indie game maker known for things like Captain Forever, RomCheckFail & resigning from his job: via a spot-on recreation of Super Mario Bros.

JOMG: It looks like the old ‘Teletext’ on TV, plays like Myst, and you can fiddle with it, like Wikpedia.
You: Huh?

OK. Try again.

Imagine you’re looking at a house. The windows and front door might be hotspots. If you click them, you’ll go somewhere else. Or – if you click on the words ‘draw here‘ you can edit the house. Or replace it – with a picture of an elephant.

Hmm, OK… maybe it’s something you just need to try. (Link appears below)

PlayPen has only been officially ‘out’ for a few days, but the number of pages is already in four digits. And – the best ones are appearing in a ‘best of’ Tumblr site.

I’ve made a few pages myself (based on retro videogames, surprise!) and I’d love to hear from any JOMG readers who’ve done the same.

Here’s a few screens I’ve found in my travels; what have you discovered?

Your adventure starts here…


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