Still not dead – the Neo Geo MVS

One of the (very few) regrets of having the lovely ‘player 3’ (now 9 months) in my life is that I haven’t had any time for my other children. Haven’t spent a minute with them, since he arrived. But don’t worry, I’m not talking about humans. I’m talking ‘arcade cabinets’. Here’s one of them…

My 6 slot MVS cabinet

My 6 slot MVS cabinet

It’s my 6 slot Neo Geo MVS cab. (6 slots = you can choose from 6 games via a menu). My cart collection includes Metal Slug, Puzzle Bobble and Nam 75. Mind you, this photo was ‘pre-baby’… it’s now cooling its digital heels in the garage.

But then you can’t keep the MVS system down. Even though it was released 20(!) years ago, there’s STILL one group left, releasing cartridges for it! NG:Dev. Team released a horizontal shooter (‘Last Hope’) in 2007 for the Neo Geo AES home system, Neo Geo CD & Sega Dreamcast. Reviews were mixed; many referring to it’s punishing difficulty level, and difficult-to-see bullets.

Last Hope, Neo Geo AES

Last Hope, Neo Geo AES

But now, NG:Dev. Team are back again, switching from ‘horizontal’ to ‘vertical’ and making the bullets VERY EASY TO SEE in that late 90’s Japanese GIANT FLUORESCENT BLOBS style.

Fast Striker is a bullet-hell shmup, but one with a difference, as the devs promise a “novice mode” which will hopefully allow old-school gamers to glean a bit of fun out of the title.

Fast Striker for the Neo Geo

Fast Striker for the Neo Geo

The ever-reliable Arcade Heroes blog has far more information about Fast Striker, including a link to a beautiful HI-RES version of the trailer. Oh, you wanted to watch the trailer? Here you go then. (A crappy youtube-compressed preview is better than nothing, isn’t it….?)

Fast Striker will be released to arcades within the next two months…
(As for when I’ll have time to play with *my* Neo Geo,
time will tell…)

5 Responses to Still not dead – the Neo Geo MVS

  1. gnome says:

    A thing of beauty. And what a cabinet… Still, worry not… Player 3 will soon be old enough to enjoy such delights.

  2. elvis says:

    I have a Player 3, Player 4 and Player 5 at my house, and likewise the game collection has sat collecting dust for a few years now.

    Not to worry though, it’s only temporary. Sooner or later they grow big enough to join in, and are often the ones prompting you to join them in a game.

    After a long hard day at work, it’s great to come home and share a game or three with the little ones. 🙂

  3. angel says:

    this is sooo awesome more than ever…..!!!!!!!

  4. anwar aziz says:

    have u any player of puzzle bobble neo geo game.

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