Gaming talk with extra chilli – Game Taco!

Sorry guys, this is overdue.

Four members of the Screen Play community have set up their own podcast, and its showing great promise.

Game Taco is devoted to Borderlands stars James “DexX” Dominguez, Mark “Mr Ak” Johnson, Tim “Wall” Saitta and Steve “Smoolander” Smoothy

Game Taco has covered some interesting issues thus far… and had some fascinating interviews. R18+ games, new Nintendo hardware, the PSP Go, Ubisoft’s notorious new DRM, how to find the best gaming bargains, etc etc.

My only (small) complaint is that each podcast is rather l-o-n-g, so for those of us with busy lives, its a case of ‘listen to an episode in many small chunks’.

Go on, have a listen! Here’s the Game Taco website. Or, for those of you who use that godawful iTunes, you’ll find Game Taco iTunes link here.

NB: GameTaco contains occasional explicit language.
And Borderlands.


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