JOMG – the interview!

Recently, we highlighted the new(ish) Aussie gaming podcast Game Taco.

Episode 5 of Game Taco is a roundup of Australian indie gaming writers into two parts:

Part 1: Ben Abraham from Ben Abraham dot Net
Part 2: Duncan Fyfe from Life Starts Here
& Gabe McGrath from Just One More Game.

Wait a minute, that’s me!

So here’s a chance to hear one of Australia’s greatest new game writers chat about all sorts of interesting gaming topics.
(Oh, and DexX talks to me, too.)

But please be warned, there were (quoting from Tim of Game Taco) “technical issues when attempting to edit the interview and unfortunately I had to include it raw.”

So, remember:

  • Me sounding ‘rambling’ = lack of audio editing.
  • Me sounding ‘interesting’ = natural ability.

Topics that DexX & I cover in the (1hr+) interview include…

Oh, and of course, immediately after the interview, I remembered something I omitted. I stupidly forgot to mention Jason Hill’s encouragement & support of Just One More Game from the very beginning. Thanks Jason – you rock.

PS: GameTaco contains occasional explicit language.
And Borderlands.

2 Responses to JOMG – the interview!

  1. Wall says:

    Had to mosey over for a visit to thank you again and to promise that at some point, there will be a nicer edit of it. It may not happen until after my trip but by then you may be ready for another interview if you’ll give one! We’d love to have regulars feature on the show to talk about games.

    The great thing about having a segment with you in it is you inspire us to talk about things we wouldn’t usually, and it’s an important part of how we reflect on current gaming experiences.

    Keep up the good work, and here’s to retro gaming!

    • justonemoregame says:

      Thanks very much ‘Wall’!
      It was great to talk to DexX, and we could have easily continued talking for the whole afternoon! I’d love to participate again, and look forward to hearing from other indie writers who may be convinced to ‘submit themselves’. All the best.
      PS: Oh dear, I’m concerned that if you do edit the interview, I’ll have no excuses for my rambling. 😀

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