Sydneysiders have no (pin)balls in 2010

Last year’s inaugural Sydney Pinball Expo wasn’t perfect, but it generated morepinball coverage‘ in Australia, than anything else has in recent memory.

In recent months, the organisers have shared a few of their ideas for 2010. A larger venue, more exhibitors, international guests… but sadly, we’ll now have to wait till 2011.

Yesterday, Illawarra-based pinball fan Tony Mather announced on the Aussie Arcade forum that this year’s expo would not go ahead. (“The costs just kept rising. It was at least $30,000 just to get started.“)

Today, co-organiser Michael Shalhoub issued a statement: “It is unfortunate but this years Pinball Expo has been postponed till next year due to unforeseen circumstances. Originally, getting the right venue was a problem. There are many things to take into consideration making this decision, finance is a main issue. I didn’t want to turn the Expo into a auction like last year; I wanted it to be different holding it over four days and getting overseas guests to talk at seminars. I will be in Chicago later this year and will secure people for the Sydney Expo next year.”

We’ll bring you any further developments, right here at J-OMG.

In the meantime, if you missed our 2009 Sydney Pinball expo coverage, here is our full report, our auction results summary and an interview with co-organiser Michael Shalhoub.

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