World first! Unpacking Game On 2.0

Many J-OMG readers would have attended, or at least read about Game On. It’s a ‘history of gaming’ travelling show that originated at The Barbican museum in London.

The new 2.0 version of Game On is about to celebrate its world debut in Inveresk (Launceston, Tasmania) this Saturday. After that, it’s going to Greece. Following that… USA? UK? ASIA?

Oh, and that “2.0” isn’t some ‘marketing’ thing. The whole show has been updated. (NEW GAMES!)

This week, we’ll be doing a bit of a ‘Game On frenzy’ at J-OMG.

Let’s kick things off with the world’s first look… behind-the-scenes at Game On 2.0!

First stop… the Game On 2.0 arcade..
Thanks to Shaggy @ Arcade Heroes for identifying the 3rd cab in this picture…

Defender, Track & Field, Centipede & Asteroids.

Defender, Track & Field, Centipede & Asteroids.

Hmm, these machines may be a controversial addition to the show. I say pinball belongs in the Game On arcade, to show what arcades were really like. What about you? Tell us in the comments…

Game On: pinball machines.  An Atari Space Riders & a Williams Bride of Pinbot.

YES - Game On to feature pinball machines! An Atari Space Riders & a Williams Bride of Pinbot.

Here’s a nice mix of old ‘n’ new… look carefully!

Two Atomiswave cabs & in the background... a 1979 Monaco Grand Prix!

Of course, games being played all day for 3 months at a time are likely to break down…

Game On 2.0: Technician soldering

One of the Game On techs working in the arcade section

Now, let’s have a look in the main section of Game On 2.0…

Two of Game On's tower units

Two of Game On's tower units. They'll have games including Tempest 2000 and Mario Kart 64.

This area looks a bit bare, before its finished…

Game On 2.0: Possibly the "Top 10 machines" section

Judging by the controllers, this might be the "top 10 machines" section

Hmm, this picture looks pretty ‘fab’… 😉

Game On 2.0: Three more system setups & Beatles Rock Band?

Hmm, what's *that* in the back/left of the photo?

Once again, there’ll be plenty of signs giving context to the displays…

A sign in the 'TV/Cinema & games' section.

And for those of you who love complex games, Steel Battalion is back! There’s approximately 35 (!) buttons on the full controller for this game. (I couldn’t even get it to start!)

Game On 2.0:  Closeup of the complex controllers for Steel Battalion

This is just *part* of the control setup for Steel Battalion!

Now, here’s something very special.

Game On 2.0: Something mysterious on a trolley.

Hmm, what's that on the trolley?

Game On 2.0: Virtusphere ready for unboxing

Oh yes, it says "Virtusphere". Cue excitement... NOW!

What’s a Virtusphere? Some people call it “The closest thing to the Holodeck so far.” And this will be its Australian debut.

This clip from GDC 2010 should explain…

Well, that’s it for today’s sneak peak. In three days time, GO2 will be ready for gamers to descend! Hmm, now… when’s the next cheap flight to Launceston…?

We’ve got MORE cool Game On 2.0 stuff to reveal in the next few days. Most of it is stuff that you won’t see on any other site. Some might call them ‘exclusives’. I prefer to call ’em ‘bloody exciting’.

Oh, and if you haven’t attended one of Game On’s previous shows, we’ve got a virtual tour of Game On 1.0 (in Melbourne, 2008) with curator Conrad Bodman right here. And here. And then here. Well, we do like to be comprehensive. 😀

Game On 2.0 starts this Saturday July 3 , at Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery: Inveresk, Launceston. It’ll be open 10 till 5 daily (plus Thursday nights till 9), till October 3.

4 Responses to World first! Unpacking Game On 2.0

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  3. Steve says:

    Bring it back to ACMI, Bring it back to ACMI, Bring it back to ACMI, Bring it back to ACMI.

    I don’t live in Tasmania! 😦

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